Kristin has always been an avid reader of many kinds of books: young adult, adventure, fantasy, travel, the classics. As with her reading tastes, the books she writes don’t adhere to just one genre. You’ll find elements of fantasy and contemporary, books for young adults and those for middle grade readers. Travel often figures into her stories as well.

Her stories begin with an idea which may come to her on a walk, in a dream, or in a brainstorming session, and they sometimes develop in ways which surprise even her. Most importantly, perhaps, are the characters, who Kristin hopes you’ll feel like you get to know and understand. Maybe one day you’ll say: So-and-so dances like Absalom or The cloudmakers are having a party! and smile.

Kristin grew up in a small town in Connecticut and began writing ten years ago after her daughter was born. She lives in Germany with her family, where she teaches English as a foreign language to adults.