Here’s an excerpt from a 5 star review by book blogger Michael Thal.

Dethlefsen’s fantasy is captivating reading. She takes on social issues, like bullying and self-esteem, and moves the plot along on earthly and alien terrain. The characters are described beautifully, especially the aliens. 

Reading about the beauty contest was a kick, but what I enjoyed the most was the females chosen from Earth. One of those girls, the deaf one, develops a relationship with Topher. I love how the author showed their relationship evolve. 

Take a look at this excerpt from an interview between book blogger Fraser from FeedMy Reads and Kristin.

What would you say to those wanting to become an author?

You need to believe in yourself, because you can’t convince others with your writing otherwise. And you need to love writing, because it requires a lot of time, patience, creativity, and determination. If this describes you, then go for it!